Sunday, November 12, 2006

Creating & Quoting

I've decided to coin a new term - portragasm. I've taken about 800 pictures of my friend Brian, who is as fascinating as he is gorgeous, and looking at them... wow. Just, wow. Which helps explain why I've been too busy to post lately, I'm sure ;) Sadly, that is more truthfully due to the fact that I've been working crazy hours and sick. I'm finally feeling better, and will hopefully have more free time that I don't spend sleeping.

"I feel very rich when I have time to write and very poor when I get a regular paycheck and no time to work at my real work." ~ Natalie Goldberg

"The only thing I know is that if I get to my studio, that means I'm alive today." ~ Robert Farber


Doug said...

Will he let you post a few portraits?

Glad you're feeling better.

Renee Somebody said...

I'm hoping, but I can't post anything new until I get a little more free time from the job. Grrr.