Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul

Which is a great book, really. However, the title is brilliant, and I am hereby borrowing it. Not feeling very brilliant, in and of myself currently. I know it's a combination of the sudden wintry turn here in Indiana, and the continuing misery that is me at work. Still, happy thoughts...
Okay, maybe not. I wanted to post a picture of the dragonfruit I bought, but I cannot find the cable to my external hard drive :( Nor can I find the negatives from my mutant fruit phase... Clearly a sign that I'm not meant to post pictures tonight. It reminds me of my friend Caleb, and his theory that sometimes inanimate objects have it out for you... I actually found a word for that :) "RESISTENTIALISM - Seemingly spiteful behaviour manifested by inanimate objects." (Lifted from here...)
What do you do, times when things seem to be all against you?

Friday, January 19, 2007

I Need Rescued

Hopefully, I can put up a real blog post soon, but for the moment, just a quick line saying a black hole has eaten my life up, my sunshine is shaded by eclipse, whatever metaphor you favor... I'm having trouble finding and maintaining my happy medium again *sigh*

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Winner...

I'm a little behind, right now. Managed to catch my brother's nasty flu :( Still, I have picked a winner for my Orgasm contest. And I think my next contest will not span major holidays, since I hate contributing to stress levels.
Here are the entrants:
Erin O'Brien, with her terrific article in the Cleveland Free Times
(and btw, Erin, you could never be boring! Boring sex never provides orgasms...)
Doug, who was suffering from performance anxiety
I couldn't find any mistletoe for the picture, it was green ribbon... but the raincheck is yours ;)
Dean, who wrote a hot "almost, but not quite entirely, fiction" story
(and who also saw right through me, pointing out "perhaps because GOD [Global Orgasm Day] offered an ideal opportunity to request dirty stories, Renee is offering a prize to whoever writes the best beyond-risque tale involving an orgasm." You didn't mention that the prize was underwear, which amuses me greatly)
sxKitten, who submitted this about having the right partner
Congratulations to sxKitten, who made my heart melt, and renewed my hope that real love exists!
And a big thank you to everyone who entered, and everyone who reads my blog as well :)