Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Is It a Pearl Necklace?

Yay! I received my Krugy from Doug, and I wanted to assure everyone that he's got a nice new home...

Friday, October 27, 2006

My Sins

Pride:Very Low

Discover Your Sins - Click Here

Does it really surprise anyone that I'm Sloth & Lust? Although I would say I'm not so much lazy as committed to too many different projects... Carla, darling, I swear I'm working on the wedding pictures, and should actually finish some soon!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Five Truths Meme

Doug, how does it feel to be a constant source of inspiration?
List five truths. Five things that are on your mind. Good, bad, it matters not. Lift some weight off.
1. Doug effen rules. Who knew I needed a muse who is sometimes Walnut, sometimes Snape, and occasionally something else entirely? And he's started a whole chain... Through him I found Erin, and ~d, and Dean, and SxKitten, and Jesus Toast, and others... plus, he got me to blog nekkid.
2. I am addicted to Veronica Mars. (and, if you care, I'm absolutely a Logan & Veronica advocate.)
3. I consider Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie to be the best romance novel ever. And her Yahoo! Group, JenniferCrusieFans (AKA the Cherries; I am Cherry Boogie) is an incredible group of people, and the Cherries do indeed know everything!
4. I'm a believer in positive mental energy... For example, I read somewhere (mind you, I read all the time and rarely can put my finger on the source of an idea in a reasonable span of time) that jewelry decorated with cats attracts love. I love cats, and so began to look for the perfect cat charm. Eight months later, here it is:

Finally! I found it at the Feast of the Hunter's Moon, which is a fun way to spend an afternoon and a bit of money... Anyway, do I believe this charm will attract love? Sort of. I think it reminds me in a tangible way of my desire to find love, even when I'm not consciously thinking about it. Sort of a magic subconscious prod. (and, sort of related-ly, I love my Canon Rebel XT, and the ability to instantly take a picture of something and post it to my blog.)
5. The longer I've been awake, the more I ramble. Not that I am ever a model of concise thought, it's just the thought process gets more and more random as the night/early morning rolls on. So, since I got up and noon on Monday, and it is now 4:16 am Tuesday morning, I'm pretty non-linear. "Five truths" was a nicely broad subject, however.

And tagging people for memes? How about anyone who feels inclined, go ahead. If you don't have a blog, I'd be honored to host you in my comments.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


So, a few people have given me grief for not blogging under my given name... First, Renee is my middle name, and the nieces and nephews have called me Aunt Nee since day one. Even my youngest sister (who is the same age as my oldest niece) calls me Aunt Nee... Then, there is this:

LogoThere is:
person with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

My mother is still convinced that someone may track me through one of my dating profiles, or this blog, and axe murder me, and a pseudonym makes her happier. Overall, I'm alright with it; besides, anyone who knows me irl can tell you the name's the only fake thing here, it's all Renee, baby :)
So, how about you all? Do you use your real name, or a pseudonym? Does it bother you, that I (or anyone) don't use my real name here?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bone Idol: Starlet

I love Halloween, and designing kooky characters, so this flash game was perfect :)
Try it out for yourself, and be sure to check out the gallery.
Link (via Neatorama)

Friday, October 13, 2006

More Nekkid Blogging: Meet ~d (tilde)

Hey darling - thank god you tried again. I am honored to have contributed, and a poem comes to mind when I look at you:

"attendant upon you

shaken by your beauty

shaken by your beauty


- William Carlos Williams, Paterson, book 3

The husband must be a rare and wonderful man, and I'm so glad you chose to share this.
(And how could I forget to include a link to your page? Some days, being a flibbertigibbet is not such a great thing...)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nekkid Blogging

Doug started it. This little idea in my head... And I thought, maybe if I have time while I'm on vacation. And the idea grew and grew, and took over my mind. Erin O'Brien posted a wonderful pic of herself, and several other bloggers, as well as some famous naked people in chairs.Mom, I know you're too proud for words. Just remember, in the immortal words of Erin O'Brien, "No girl is nekkid, or even half nekkid, as long as she's got her lipstick on. And I have my lipstick on in the pic!"
Eternal gratitude to Brandi, for her encouragement. Also to Christine, my beloved sister-in-law, who assisted with the actual picture taking. And didn't freak out when I said, "Hey Chris! Will you come take naked pictures of me? I can't get a good camera angle."
For Laura, whose "I Am" shook everything I believed, and inspired me with the courage to actually go through with this.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October 3rd - Day Against DRM

Other people have said it better than I can...
Defective By Design
Googlebomb DRM
I heard about this, and most of my tech info from one site: