Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Unsnowed Out

17 inches of snow, at least half of which happened while I was at work. I was snowed in there for about 28 hours, then had to stay at Mom's until I had a day off to shovel out parking at home. Now, I'm back home, and unsnowed out, as it were, but I'm not sure if I'm glad or not. I really need a job and apartment, preferably out of Lafayette.

So sad, the last week or so... and now my friend has gone to Mississippi indefinitely, taking her adorable freckles and irreplaceable companionship from me :( Now, I don't blame her, 'cause I know her family needs her more, I just miss her.

So confused. I haven't met any new people on OkCupid, but one guy I thought was gone and another who freaked when I mentioned a second date reappeared, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I do know that I'm sad to have lost touch with a third though, and hope that changes in the near future.


So amazed, by this artist and project. A very nice range of subjects, and statements.

So tempted - Don't you want to see Kris in a Wicked Weasel Bikini? Donate here :)
(Props to Dean for the idea, and Doug for the photo post. $14.50 to go, as of Dean's last update)
(Speaking of seeing scantily clad women, I'm still hoping to see SxKitten in the Global O Thong, hint, hint)
So amused, SxKitten asks, Are You White & Nerdy? I know I'm a sucker for a cute girl in glasses, like my girl Carla above ;)

Can you measure up to Weird Al? Score one point for each yes:

1. Did you get A’s in academic classes? Gym does not count. Yes.
2. Have you ever played D&D? Yes.
3. Do you know who M.C. Escher is? Yes.
4. Do you drink Earl Grey tea? Sometimes...
5. Do you own any action figures? Score two points if they’re still in their original package. No, but I do have the Star Trek TOS Barbie & Ken in it's original package...
6. Ever read Stephen Hawking? No.
7. Do you have a MySpace page? Yes.
8. Do you know the value of pi? Score two points if you know it to more than 4 decimal places. Yes, but not to four places.
9. Ever wear braces? No.
10. Do you like mayonnaise? Yes.
11. Do you play Minesweeper? No, but I used to...
12. Do you know Pascal, JavaScript, or Klingon? Score one point for each. No.
13. Did you study vector calculus? No.
14. Do you play ping pong? No.
15. Do you like trivia games? Yes.
16. Ever ride a Segway? (-1 if you have no idea what a Segway is) No, but they talked about getting them at work.
17. Ever read X-Men comics? No.
18. Collect ‘em? No.
18. Own a pocket protector? No.
19. An ergonomic keyboard? No.
20. Ever shop online? For writable media ? Yes and yes.
21. Ever edit (or try to edit) Wikipedia ? No.
22. Can you recite Holy Grail? Parts...
23. Do you know what R-O-T-F-L-O-L means? Yes.
24. Ever make your own website? Yes.
25. Do you own a fanny pack? No.
26. Do you shop at The Gap? No.
27. Do you like bubble wrap? Yes.
28. Were you in AV club, glee club or the chess team? Yes.
29. Kirk or Picard? (-1 if you answered “Who?” +5 if you’re prepared to defend your choice publicly) Kirk, for various electra-esque reasons...
30. Ever go to a Renaissance Fair? In costume? No, but I have gone in costume to our local Feast.
31. Got your name on your underwear? No.

Score one bonus point if you burn without tanning, or anyone has ever said to you “My god, you’re white!” Yes and yes.

Which brings me to 23 (counting sometimes, TOS Barbies, used to, and partially as half points.) Which I suppose, really says everything anyone needs to know about my deep inner geekiness...

Okay, clearly operating on very little sleep and a full dose of randomness at this point :)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Trying New Things

So, I saw a glass etching kit and just had to try it out!

The upward circles did not survive the pre-etch cleaning... I'm trying to come up with an alternate pattern.

The etch was thick and lumpy. It's the first time I've used a cream etch, all my previous etching experience was in a printmaking studio, where I mixed it myself.

I only had enough to etch the smaller glasses, and not as evenly as I would have ideally hoped. Overall, though, I like them, and will finish the set.