Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Winner...

I'm a little behind, right now. Managed to catch my brother's nasty flu :( Still, I have picked a winner for my Orgasm contest. And I think my next contest will not span major holidays, since I hate contributing to stress levels.
Here are the entrants:
Erin O'Brien, with her terrific article in the Cleveland Free Times
(and btw, Erin, you could never be boring! Boring sex never provides orgasms...)
Doug, who was suffering from performance anxiety
I couldn't find any mistletoe for the picture, it was green ribbon... but the raincheck is yours ;)
Dean, who wrote a hot "almost, but not quite entirely, fiction" story
(and who also saw right through me, pointing out "perhaps because GOD [Global Orgasm Day] offered an ideal opportunity to request dirty stories, Renee is offering a prize to whoever writes the best beyond-risque tale involving an orgasm." You didn't mention that the prize was underwear, which amuses me greatly)
sxKitten, who submitted this about having the right partner
Congratulations to sxKitten, who made my heart melt, and renewed my hope that real love exists!
And a big thank you to everyone who entered, and everyone who reads my blog as well :)


sxKitten said...

Yay me!

Actually, YAY Dean! since without him, I'd never have had an orgasm to write about.w

Argon said...

Congratulations I hope you enjoy your prize

Anne said...

Hope you're feeling much better.

"Real love"? You mean mutual emotion, sans stalking, longing or dysfunction? I'm beginning to think love like that is akin to unicorns or mermaids. Still hold a little hope, however.

Argon said...
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Argon said...

Hope springs eternal right? I know I had to hold on a few decades in my search for a soulmate, but my perseverance finally paid off since I never lost faith in it. Maybe if I told the story of what happened to my wife and I on Global Orgasm Day it would help.

I had heard the news about the Global Orgasm Day in November so I had a little more than a month to plan. Besides doing, graphic designs, videos and blogs for the event, my wife and I booked a hotel room in the local Indian Casino called The Gold County on the night of 12/22/06.

The room had a very big bathroom with a jacuzzi tub in it and a large shower much more than we had
at home so we took full advantage of it, first soaking in the tub with the jets relaxing us while we meditated on our connection to all the people in the hotel and to the globe. Then we went into the shower and I rubbed her G-spot from behind until she climaxed twice with wild abandon and writhed on the floor exhausted. When she was finally able to get up from the floor, she gave me a spectacular blow job with the hot water cascading all over me.

Afterwards we had worked up quite an appetite, we were glowing as we went downstairs to the Bountiful Buffet the people were very friendly and courteous as we filled up on pasta, seafood, prime rib and lots of delicious desserts. The atmosphere was lively in the restaurant was people enjoying the holiday spirit.

We went back up to our room and did some yoga exercises to settle the dinner. Then we stripped off our clothes and meditated on our Chakras to increase our energy flow in preparation for the tantra maithuna ritual Using the classic Yab Yum position she sat on my lap and crossed her legs around me as I wrapped my arms around her.

We started breathing in unison and chanting the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum (sanskrit for "O Jewel Lotus One") to harmonize our rhythms. Waves of energy coursed through me and I visualized a geyser of white light shooting out of the top of our heads. As she rode me faster, moans of ecstasy filled the room and the geyser flowed out like a river and engulfed us in a globe of swirling light and energy. At the peak of our arousal, it exploded and rippled out across the globe filling it with a tapestry of harmony connecting all life on the planet.

We lay there for a while basking in the transcendent bliss and bathing in the peace of love feeling at one with the universe. Then we went down to the casino and all the people there were having a great time. I joked with the blackjack dealers while we played about how they were winning back all the land they had lost one bet at a time and asked if her Indian name was "Sits with a Full House" the people there did seem a lot more peaceful and happy than I had seen them before so I think that the energy of the Global Orgasm was having an effect.

I ended up winning $3250 so that not only paid for our stay at the hotel, but also for our whole Xmas. That's pretty good proof to me.

If you want to do any more contests let me know and I'd be happy to design some more prizes

doris day said...

dean and sxkitten are so cute together i can barely stand it!

sxKitten said...

It's weird - I wasn't cute as a kid, or a teenager, or a young adult. Now that I'm 40 and writing about my sex life, people think I'm cute.

doris day said...

it's just the way you guys talk about each other, it's adorable and i want to hate you! (but i don't)

Erin O'Brien said...

Aw hell, I don't care who wins, I'm just gonna pull out some toys and rub one off in deep appreciation of all you people and your rich splendorific beauty.


~d said...

this is WONDERFUL reading...
will someONE please watch my KIDS!

~d heart Renee

Doug said...

SxKitten: it's the way you carry yourself. You've found your inner SxKitten.

Renee, I was sure Dean would win . . . but I guess he did, in a way.

Hope your new year is shaping up well!