Friday, December 29, 2006

2007 Indulgences

The amazing Jennifer Crusie said "I've got the serious resolutions coming up next weekend, the ones where I promise to cook more and take a yoga class and do all that stuff, but it's Christmas and I want to be good to myself, so what if tonight I made kind resolutions, the things I really, really want to do but never get to, the stuff that I'd kill to do but never get to because it's too ridiculous and I have to be Serious About My Life and Career, what if I made my Five Indulgences of 2007?" (And if you haven't read any Jennifer Crusie, run to the bookstore and get you some! She is extraordinary, as are her fans, the Cherries!)
What a neat idea! So naturally, I'm going to give it a try...
Renee's Five Indulgences of 2007
Indulgence #1: A week's vacation in Seattle or California, where I will visit my friends in each place and do touristy things if they appeal. Preferably during a season where the weather there is better than the weather here.
Indulgence #2: a 90 minute, full body massage by Carla's former masseuse. He is part of the reason she went to massage therapy school, and she has nothing but good things to say about him. The last time I visited a masseuse, I found one who spent more time working on my vibrational harmonies than on my aching body. Nice guy, but I was disappointed because what I really needed was a massage.
Indulgence #3: A teacher for digital imaging. Whether it is a college credit class, or just some one-on-one time with someone who really knows the program inside and out, I am tired of trying to teach myself in my spare time.
Indulgence #4: I will take time to paint this year. It horrifies me that I haven't made a painting in more than FIVE years. I will spend the money to update my supplies, and use the canvases my mom got me for Christmas last year. And perhaps I will find a group of artists to work with... I am in envy of the Drawing Club, where every week they hire a model to wear a character costume and draw or paint. Or figure drawing would be good, too.
Indulgence #5: I will adopt two cats this year. Living without cats is a horrible and unnatural existence for me, and when I get my new apartment I will fix this!

You know, this does not seem all that extravagant. It's rather encouraging that overall, I can see myself actually accomplishing these things :)


Doug said...

These don't seem the least bit overindulgent, Renee. Do 'em all, and do 'em several times. Happy New Year!

Brandi said...

You go girl!!