Saturday, December 16, 2006


So, I've been missing from my blog, and mostly from the whole internet, for a little while. Thanks to everyone who checked in, I appreciate your concern!
Let's see... news of the last couple weeks.
I went on the Metabolic Research Center Diet with my mom for about two weeks. The protein drinks had artificial sweeteners in them, which make me grumpy, achy, and all around bad company. The guys at work threatened to stage an intervention, saying I had gotten downright mean. This was an eye opener for me, since we have been through some really bad times together and they have all been supportive and wonderful. After trying to come up with a workable compromise with the diet, having some negative experiences with one of the employees, and Carla threatening to kick my ass, I quit. There are other ways for me to get healthier, without becoming the bitch-from-no-carb-land.
I am still in pre-process on the bankruptcy, although I am very close now to filing. I took a week off without pay and spent most of the time cleaning, inventorying, and packing. The last four days of my vacation, I holed up in a hotel room in Indianapolis without an internet connection to work on the blue million pictures I need to correct.
The last day of my vacation, this past Monday, my uncle's girlfriend died. My poor uncle! I did not know her well, just saw her two to three times a year for family gatherings. Nearly the entire daddy-side of the family showed up for the funeral.
Also, my brother and his wife (whose basement I live in) have asked me to move out as soon as possible for various reasons. I have lived with them for three years, and they have helped me out a lot. Sadly, this means I'm going to use my savings to get an apartment, and so my move to Austin is postponed for a while. I have to stay in state until the bankruptcy hearing, and a friend of a friend wants to sublease her apartment in Indianapolis. So the plan for the moment is to move to Indy and commute to work until I find another job. Which means updating my resume and cover letter. There is a bookstore hiring two full time people, and I would love to give that a try as my next job.
All of which has added up to less time on the internet. I'm hoping to have things more settled by January, and will try to post a bit between now and then...


Doug said...

I didn't know you were having such tsuris - sorry to hear it! I hope the New Year brings you all the good things I know you deserve :)

Anonymous said...

honey you need the metabolic research center. no matter what the sweetners do.