Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Virtues

Heeheehee. I cannot type that without feeling smug and self centered. Still, I'm going to give this a try...

From SxKitten (who added to it from Dean) (also at Doug's)
"The Holiday Challenge: Post your 4 virtues - 4 things you like about yourself.

The Hard Part: No qualifiers, no but’s, no apologies, no back-handed put-downs. You have to give yourself 4 solid, undiluted compliments."

1. I'm Bright. Dean's list scholar in college, top ten percent of graduating class, learn new concepts quickly, read very fast with good retention...

2. I'm Enthusiastic and Enjoy Many Things. Also known as easily amused. Really, I love Broadway musicals and camping, fine art and comics, "great literature" and Stephen King. I'm not a snob, and I try to never be close-minded.

3. I'm Creative. I love to paint, draw, take photos, make ceramics, make jewelry, play with Photoshop, journal, write poetry, and try to write fiction. I'm even good at most of them :)

4. I'm a Great Boss and Friend. And I don't believe that the two are mutually exclusive. My people are very sad that I'm leaving the job (although they understand my reasons.) I'm loyal, sincere, honest, and I always have your back. (I'm even honest if it's not what you want to hear...)

Many thanks to Dean, for originating this; SxKitten, for continuing it; and Doug, for just being wonderful. Also, love to Paul, who helped me replace "I've got great hair" with something relevant ;)


Doug said...

You forgot

5. I've got a great pair of hooters.

Sorry. Just had to get all testosteroni* on ya, considering the photo above.

*Wee pasta phalli, best served with a creamy Alfredo sauce.

sxKitten said...

You are both awesome and beautiful, Renee. And we share #2 as well - thanks for the reminder, I should have made my challenge 5 compliments :-)