Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul

Which is a great book, really. However, the title is brilliant, and I am hereby borrowing it. Not feeling very brilliant, in and of myself currently. I know it's a combination of the sudden wintry turn here in Indiana, and the continuing misery that is me at work. Still, happy thoughts...
Okay, maybe not. I wanted to post a picture of the dragonfruit I bought, but I cannot find the cable to my external hard drive :( Nor can I find the negatives from my mutant fruit phase... Clearly a sign that I'm not meant to post pictures tonight. It reminds me of my friend Caleb, and his theory that sometimes inanimate objects have it out for you... I actually found a word for that :) "RESISTENTIALISM - Seemingly spiteful behaviour manifested by inanimate objects." (Lifted from here...)
What do you do, times when things seem to be all against you?


sxKitten said...

Buy new things?

Actually, I blame my stuff for plotting against me all the time, then I blame the cat for encouraging it.

The best response, I've found, is to ignore your things and take a long, hot bath. for some reason, the bath stuff never joins in the conspiracy.

On a totally unrelated note, my GOD thong arrived safely, and I will post photos as soon as I shake my current cold and start feeling quasi-human again.

~d said...

(are you still north of the mason-dixon line?!)

Renee Somebody said...

SxKitten- I'm looking forward to the pictures. And yes, I'm a fan of some kinds of retail therapy and long baths as well.
~d - yes, for the forseeable future *sighs* maybe next year I can move southward.

Argon said...

The kinfolk said "Move away from there! California is the place you ought to be!"

I'd like to see that thong put to good use and spreading the positive energy so tell me when you have the photos.

I loved that book but as Dirk Gently devoted his life to solving the whole problem, maybe you ought look at more than just the symptoms? Maybe the solution is the things that are connected to the symptoms holistically?

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~d said...

And friends.


Brandi said...

I call you and vent!!! Feel free to do the same! Get the # from Mikey