Friday, January 19, 2007

I Need Rescued

Hopefully, I can put up a real blog post soon, but for the moment, just a quick line saying a black hole has eaten my life up, my sunshine is shaded by eclipse, whatever metaphor you favor... I'm having trouble finding and maintaining my happy medium again *sigh*


Argon said...

I know what you mean since I've been experiencing a pendulum swing in my life also.

I was up at the peak after the Global Orgasm and things were going very well. I had gotten part of a chapter written in my book, some 3D images rendered, animations put together and some videos done.

Then right before Xmas I got an ear infection and a cold that knocked me down for about 2 weeks and spiraled me into a depression recovering from it. It delayed my working on the rest of the chapter since I couldn't muster up enough creativity and I might have to put it off again like I did last summer.

It might be to hold that happy medium between the 2 extremes that you need to spread Prana and Eros evenly along all levels and chakras in your body and your life.

It's the extremes that a black hole can suck so much time and energy out of you that it's hard to swing back to the center or damp down the oscillation from going back and forth.

I hope that helps rescue you from your quandary (I gotta keep my armor shiny after all *wink*) but I know it's a lot harder to apply than to advise

~d said...

does it help
to know
that I think
of you
far more often
than I write you?