Friday, October 13, 2006

More Nekkid Blogging: Meet ~d (tilde)

Hey darling - thank god you tried again. I am honored to have contributed, and a poem comes to mind when I look at you:

"attendant upon you

shaken by your beauty

shaken by your beauty


- William Carlos Williams, Paterson, book 3

The husband must be a rare and wonderful man, and I'm so glad you chose to share this.
(And how could I forget to include a link to your page? Some days, being a flibbertigibbet is not such a great thing...)


Lisa W. said...

Great shot - and yes, your husband is more understanding than mine would be!!!

~d (tilde) said... Props on YOUR post. I am bowled over once again!
And yes, the husband is a rare, rare gem. I am incredibly fortunate.

Lisa: the husband is more understanding than I thought he'd be!!