Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Five Truths Meme

Doug, how does it feel to be a constant source of inspiration?
List five truths. Five things that are on your mind. Good, bad, it matters not. Lift some weight off.
1. Doug effen rules. Who knew I needed a muse who is sometimes Walnut, sometimes Snape, and occasionally something else entirely? And he's started a whole chain... Through him I found Erin, and ~d, and Dean, and SxKitten, and Jesus Toast, and others... plus, he got me to blog nekkid.
2. I am addicted to Veronica Mars. (and, if you care, I'm absolutely a Logan & Veronica advocate.)
3. I consider Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie to be the best romance novel ever. And her Yahoo! Group, JenniferCrusieFans (AKA the Cherries; I am Cherry Boogie) is an incredible group of people, and the Cherries do indeed know everything!
4. I'm a believer in positive mental energy... For example, I read somewhere (mind you, I read all the time and rarely can put my finger on the source of an idea in a reasonable span of time) that jewelry decorated with cats attracts love. I love cats, and so began to look for the perfect cat charm. Eight months later, here it is:

Finally! I found it at the Feast of the Hunter's Moon, which is a fun way to spend an afternoon and a bit of money... Anyway, do I believe this charm will attract love? Sort of. I think it reminds me in a tangible way of my desire to find love, even when I'm not consciously thinking about it. Sort of a magic subconscious prod. (and, sort of related-ly, I love my Canon Rebel XT, and the ability to instantly take a picture of something and post it to my blog.)
5. The longer I've been awake, the more I ramble. Not that I am ever a model of concise thought, it's just the thought process gets more and more random as the night/early morning rolls on. So, since I got up and noon on Monday, and it is now 4:16 am Tuesday morning, I'm pretty non-linear. "Five truths" was a nicely broad subject, however.

And tagging people for memes? How about anyone who feels inclined, go ahead. If you don't have a blog, I'd be honored to host you in my comments.


Darla said...

Oh! *blinks* I didn't realize you were a Cherry! Cool. I'm Bimbo Cherry. :)

Doug said...

Thanks for the luv, gorgeous :)

Hmm. I wonder if they would let me be Hairy Cherry?

Corn Dog said...

Beautiful charm! I love it.

Doug Hoffman said...

hi renee -- see my note below ;)