Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cherry Con & Painted Bedroom

Oh, yes. The soccer ball ceiling fan is still there. It is on my hit list, though.

Before and during from two perspectives

During and After, Window Wall
Closeup of Shapes

Now, the entire room, all painted, turning 90 degrees right between pictures (adjusted to show as much of each wall as possible)
Wall #1, painted but not yet beaded or edged
Wall #2, painted & beaded (& bonus clutter!)
Wall #3, Painted & Beaded (with stained shelves)
Wall #4, Just Painted a Whole Bunch
Detail, Edge of Stripe with Swirls and Beads

The initial idea came from a book called Spectacular Walls by Jeannine Dostal, from the "Mermaid Stripes". And I had a hell of a time choosing, she's got some very cool effects in there. The accent wall was inspired by a stamped faux mosaic tile I saw in several different books.

As usual, I should be sleeping... I am going to Covington KY tomorrow afternoon for Cherry Con, the writers and fans who have collected around Jenny Crusie. If you haven't read any of her writing, I highly recommend it! She blogs too, at Argh Ink.

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