Sunday, August 24, 2008

Starghan Baby Blanket

So, while looking for the perfect baby shower present for Carla, I found this pattern, and fell in love. There are lots that have been made and pictures posted - here are the two of the first that caught my attention:

Mind you, I am still not the best at following a pattern exactly, so about the fifth row or so of mine I deviated from yarndiva's pattern some.

The yarn is from Hobby Lobby, and is seventy something percent bamboo - and I adore it, as does Carla. Must get more!

<---- detail of my star center

The Finished Starghan

The ever gorgeous Carla, featuring starghan over baby bump :)


Andrew Clarke said...

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Doug said...

Hi Renee. Catching up on your posts this morning (while in a posh posh Four Seasons hotel room in Palo Alto, waiting for my son to wake up). Yup, I like you in the blue hair.

How did you get this effect for your photo?

Renee Somebody said...

Hi Andrew - thanks for stopping by!

Doug :) I selected Carla and the afghan, feathered the edge of the selection, inverted it, upped the lightness, used a gaussian blue, and applied a sumi-e filter. Possibly in that order LOL. My original goal was to obscure the other people a bit, without making the background dizzy and sick-making. Mostly, I experiment, and jkeep the changes I like, so it can be a little hard for me to remember what all I did do. I'm pretty sure about all of those elements being the ones I used and kept, though.

~d said...

Gurrly Gurl!!
It is almost November!
We should talk.
Or at least email.
Love ya!!