Thursday, July 12, 2007

Work In Progress

The new place, before:

And after painting:
Some work still to do, but I am really pleased with the colors. :) Now, put up the ceiling covering, figure out the new floor, and then I can really move in (I'm couching upstairs.) -OH- and I bought stained glass paint for the windows, so I'm excited about that, too! And won't it look great with the quilt my mom is making for me?
This is an approximation of the centerpiece of my quilt, done in photoshop. The patterns and fabrics are not to scale, because that would have taken me too long to figure out and I'm too wildly impatient to see the results, as usual.
(Also, I apologize for the views not matching in the before/after pictures. There seems to be a problem with my camera focus, and I am having trouble getting it to focus where I want it to, and sometimes at all! You'd think a semi-pro photographer could sort these things out easily... But, problem for another day, as it is already 4:02 am.)
And to all my internet friends whom I have been shamelessly neglecting, I miss you and hope to be back online consistently soon <3


Erin O'Brien said...

Love your colors!

Doug said...

Nice :)

What's the plan for the floor?

Renee Somebody said...

Hi Erin- I'm still in color ecstasy, getting to paint any color I want! No more white walls, yay!
Doug- the floor... well, many options are still being tossed around. Something inexpensive in a looks-like-wood-with-a-very-light-finish is being sought. Anything but carpet, which is what was there before.

~d said...

Aww Hell yea! your color scheme is ROCKIN!

Renee Somebody said...

~d: a month later, I still LOVE it :) Mind you, it still looks exactly the same... boxes and all. Finishing the basement is on hold for the moment, too much time at work :(