Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Painted Face & Internet Issues

So, my 34th birthday was last Tuesday, and I spent it in Chicago with my family walking. We waled a lot all three days, actually. While I was walking around Shedd Aquarium, I came across two girls doing face paintings, and just had to get one. One girl was going on break, and she had an amazing seahorse on her face, and I like seahorses, so I asked for one like hers in teal. While cute, the one I got was nowhere near as amazing, but I'm still glad I did it.
In other news, I am having serious connectivity issues recently, and a recent firewall upgrade at work has seriously changed things I can access from work - including my own blog :(
At home, we have cable internet, a wireless router, and two laptops. The other laptop has no problems whatsoever connecting, but I am getting booted every few minutes, and not getting back online smoothly.
All of which means, I'm doing a terrible job keeping up on posting and responding to other people's blogs. Currently I'm blogging from Panera, where most of my attempts produce the dreaded "website taking too long to respond" errors. Memo to me: this weekend, find a techie to help me out, see if there is something wrong with my laptop!
Strong possibility of big life changes (yet again) which may mean I'm not around much for a while. Seriously need to set up the blog by email function, then I can post from work, if nothing else.


Erin O'Brien said...

Love the pic. 34 is a great age and the good news is, so is 42!

You are dazzling--luvya--e.

Doug said...

When are you coming back, doll?