Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Did It!

First, I made my 50,000 words for November, yay! Even better, it's not all crap :D

Mad love to the Cherries, especially the CherriesNoMo group. I wouldn't have tried this year without them.

Also, in November, I listened to thirty one podcasts (the entire Will Write for Wine archive.) And I learned a lot, and laughed a lot. I cannot recommend Lani and Sam too highly, and they started a forum on their site that totally rocks.
I also learned to crochet last month, with help from my mom and the internet. Above is everything I could find that I made during November (there should be a few more test squares, I tried a lot of the new stitches out that way instead of just diving in to a scarf or whatever.) I am in love with fuzzy yarn that is impossible to use if you're a beginner (take the mossy green, for example. It's beautiful, feels wonderful, and kicked my ass four damn times.) I am better with the other, see?

Also, I scored just under 10 million points on Frescoz, a highly addicting game from the same people who made Bubble Shooter. WARNING - I'm not kidding when I say addicting, both of these games can be major time suckers, and Lani (who got lots of us hooked on bubble shooter) has been called several unkind names for introducing people to it. I still love her, though :)
Now, I have to go get ready and run to work :) Later, I'll post the other things tht got me through NaNo.


threefab said...

I was trying to remember last night where the phrase "soft animal body" came from, thought it was from a poem by e e cummings, this morning Googled "soft animal body cummings" and got... Your blog from June 18, 2006 with two cummings poems and Mary Oliver's "Wild Geese" with the line "You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves," plus a great selection of other poems and images. Thanks for the discoveries!

hollygee said...

Wow,congrats on getting through Nano AND reaching your word count with some not-crap words.

Hmmmmmm, the colors in your scarves remind me of something. A room maybe? Photos of a room decorated with paint and posted on JCF? Why look! Down in a post below, that very room. I'm tending to go toward the chartreuses and apple greens these days. I am attempting to knit my first sock that is those colors.

See you on JCF and WWFW.

Renee Somebody said...

Hi threefab- thanks for coming by. That line sticks in my head, too. Glad I could help you find it :)
Holly! good to see you here. I am completely obsessed with those colors, but have widened my range lately in preparation for Christmas. Good luck with the sock!

Carla said...

I still love the shell one. I have to try it, but I have to finish my flower scarf first. I have a couple of hats that I need to do too. Will you send me the pics from girls night? I want to post them :) Love you!!! I'm happy that I got to see you, but sad that it was so short.

Renee Somebody said...

I have about six projects going myself, sweetie. It was great to get to see each other, and the pictures shall be on their way tonight. XOXO