Saturday, January 05, 2008

It's A New Year...

Five Indulgences of 2007
Indulgence #1: A week's vacation in Seattle or California, where I will visit my friends in each place and do touristy things if they appeal. Preferably during a season where the weather there is better than the weather here.
Well, not this past year, but I did move to a new house, spend three days doing touristy things in Chicago during the summer, and went to Cherry Con in Covington, Kentucky.
Indulgence #2: a 90 minute, full body massage by Carla's former masseuse. I bought a 60 minute massage there for someone else as a Christmas present, does that count?
Indulgence #3: A teacher for digital imaging. I did get an instructional DVD about developing digital photographic workflow, which helped some...
Indulgence #4: I will take time to paint this year. I painted a huge basement, then did a very intricate hand paint job in my bedroom. No, it's not "art", but it is painting. I did do some other craft projects involing painting, also.
Indulgence #5: I will adopt two cats this year.I acquired three cats when I moved, making this the only indulgence that I fulfilled without qualifications :)
So... Once again, Jenny-the-amazing has an end of the year post I feel compelled to imitate.
Lousy Things About 2007:
1. Same job :(
2. And I worked Halloween, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.
3. I did not see several of my friends, even the ones who live near by.
4. I missed Talk Like A Pirate Day AND Global Orgasm day.
5. I still am not blogging on a regular basis.
6. There is something wrong with my digital camera. Sometimes, it signals that it is in focus, but the finished picture is blurry. Also, it's very temperamental in interior light situations - more so than before. (It's never really liked candle light or house lamps, but it now hates conference rooms now, too.)
Great Things About 2007:
1. New place
Really, this one has a subset of great things- terrific roommates (both of the guys cook and clean, as well as being great people to hang out with. How lucky am I?), three cats, home office, bedroom that I love...
2. I won at NaNo, and have a book I still want to finish writing as a result.
4. Cherry Con
Again, a subset of things to love- wonderful people, amazing giveaways, nice hotel, great roommate.
5. I learned how to crochet. (Pictures of December's accomplishments forthcoming...)
Now, it's time to look ahead. Since it was so much fun, I'm doing the Indulgences for 2008, as well.
Indulgence #1: Crochet a queen size afghan for my bedroom. I have some yarn, an afghan I love that my mom promised to teach me how to duplicate the stitch on, and a newly discovered appreciation for crochet. Also, keep playing with different kinds of yarn and stitches.
Indulgence #2: Trip to California. RWA Conference, Vixen, the Drawing Club, maybe lunch with the amazing Doug, possibly some tourist activity...
Indulgence #3: Paint. I know, this is one from last year, but still very important to me.
Indulgence #4: Believe in my ability as a storyteller. Finish the first book, and start another - NaNo again, when the time comes.
Indulgence #5: Wine. Loving the Will Write for Wine podcasts, and trying new wines semi-regularly.

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