Sunday, January 13, 2008

December Crochet

I learned a whole bunch of new stitches in December... Multiple stitches in one photo are labeled in the photo.*these are not new stitches, but it is a picture of several of them together
I think the pineapple pattern is part of why I started crocheting :)
Around the post, front and back
V Stitch
Mesh Stitch (unblocked, it is supposed to be squares)
Fishnet ;)
Half Doubles
Afghan / Tunisian / Idiot Stitch, side one
Afghan Stitch, side two
Monk's Cord

If I followed a pattern, is is from the Stitch & Bitch Happy Hooker book, recommended by the amazing Carla, go buy it if you're interested in learning to crochet!

This hat has been the bane of my existance, four tries and it's still not done :( The black will not unravel, and I keep reducing the stitches too much.
Pretty hat, has the opposite problem of the pink hat - the bottom of this one grew too big, and once again, the yarn does not unravel.

Black Chenille, with ribbon, for Deb (Who is fabulous!)
Green with pink & green ribbon; smaller black chenille
Dark Teal Shell Scarf, and my first guy hat, for Dan-the-greatTeal Hat & Scarf, for Elaine-the-gorgeous (as soon as I fringe the scarf...)
Set for the cutest family ever...
For my Mom, Stepdad, Sis-in-law, nieces, and nephews. All of whom rock :)

The beautiful Carla, in her muffin hat and scarf
The adorable Gabby, dynamite in red

The front and back of the Cherry bag, a thank you for a special Cherry ;)


Carla said...

AHHHHHHH!!!! You did the bag! It looks great! I want to make a bag next, but my list of "need to dos" is sooooo long currently. I get the Lion Yarn catalog and I just salivate over all of the new possibilities. fyi--If you come this direction, I'll do your 90min. massage goal for you! (and you'll get to see my studio) :p

Erin O'Brien said...

You're a genius! You should see my pathetic crochet attempts ...

Hey there, girl--e.

Anonymous said...

Girl I've been crocheting for YEARS and still didn't know what half of the stitches you described were called. I think you have me on the research bit, As usual. That's probably where I need to strengthen. Thanks for the model. Brandi

Renee Somebody said...

I wish everything came as easily as crochet :) Carla, you should do the bag - it was a lot of fun.
Erin- I'd look at anything you wanted to show me ;)
Brandi- I only know the names because they are in the books, and if there aren't international crochet symbols it takes me forever to figure them out.