Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Joss Whedon is My Master

You can buy a t-shirt that says that, and I keep thinking I might as well buy one and make sure everyone knows that about me up front. Except I rarely wear t-shirts, and have to wear the dratted uniform five days out of seven, and I know the boss would not approve.
In service to my new master, I think everyone should know about his upcoming project: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

Really, I am bouncing with excitement - and the first episode comes out July 15th.
One of the stars is Nathan Fillion, whom I first despised in Buffy the Vampire Season Seven as Caleb, representative of the First Evil. Oddly, part of the reason I initially hated him was because he was called Caleb. I will probably always be funny about that name. Then, the character was a psychotic, sadistic misogynist who liked to hold forth on the evils of women in general. (Mind you, I thought he was a brilliant villain to oppose Buffy.) I was a little hesitant about Firefly, partially because it was canceled after only one season and I would barely get a taste of the universe, partly because one of the central characters was Nathan Fillion. Ultimately, I was glad that I watched it, and the minute I finished Firefly I had to go buy Serenity. Anyway, Nathan is an amazing flexible actor - I loved him as much as Captain Malcolm Reynolds as I hated him as Caleb the asshole preacher. (I think the point of no return on the Joss worship came in there somewhere, too. Nah, it was way before that.)
Anyway, just something I'm looking forward to and wanted to share.

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