Friday, March 24, 2006

Danger: Rambles Ahead

I find myself spending hours on line chasing link after link on a topic that caught my interest. Tonight was no different, I've been on-line since 9 pm and am just now posting something to my blog. Most of the surfing I did tonight was for a couple graphics... and I saved dozens, but always want to improve them before using them. I have been procrastinating on posting, 'cause I'm still dithering about what I want to do with it. Today, I decided to use the new camera and take pictures of my screen prints on fabric to post, then discovered that the prints were terribly wrinkled, so I went to my mom's house to borrow her iron & board (I never iron my clothes, so don't have my own; mom is a seamstress & crafter...) then discovered it was my niece's last choir performance for the semester tonight, so went to that... Clearly, it's not just when I'm surfing that I wander without a plan :)

I've lived in Indiana all my life. I have a bachelor's degree in fine art. I'm a book lover, and I like movies, but I don't watch any cable tv. (I do miss CSI, tho) I completely avoid the news whenever possible. I have studied palm reading, virus hunting, urban legends, alternative medicine, and the role of the cat in mythology.
I answer questions better than I volunteer information. I have a tendency to get all wrapped up in things and become antisocial. I am insatiably curious about dozens of things. I had six minors in college. I love to chase facts and information about topics that catch my imagination.
I would love to go to Europe, Egypt, Greece, and Australia. Over the past few months, I've been hearing great things about New Zealand. I fantasize about living in the south of Italy as an expatriate american writer.
I think Tom Robbins was right when he said "Smell is 80% of love". I tend to quote a lot.

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